Do you need stock images for your creative projects? What license do you need? When you download an image from iStock, you are also paying for a standard license that allows you to use the file for any personal, commercial or business purposes. As long as your purposes are not restricted by the license, you can use the file to your heart’s content. If you add an extended license, you can use the content in a lot more ways.

What does getting a license mean? It means that you can use the image in marketing and advertising. It also means that you can incorporate the image into applications, websites, social media, television and film. Other things you can do with the image include using it on newspapers, magazines, books, product packaging, presentations and hundreds others. You can do all these with the standard license.

So, when do you need an extended license? The extended license is only available for purchasing using credits. Fortunately, you can use iStock promo codes to get further discounts on your purchases. Bear in mind that an iStock promo code can only be used on your next purchase and not on your existing ones. Nevertheless, here are four main reasons why you need an extended license.

  • You need over 500,000 printed copies. + Add New Category . If you need 500,000+printed copies, you might consider getting an extended license. The extended license allows you to use the images in marketing, advertising, newspapers, magazines, product packaging and other promotional materials. You can also add an unlimited reproduction license.
  • You need to share files. iStock’s extended license allows you to share files to members of your team. You can also add a multi-seat license to access the downloaded files of your members.
  • You need the images for physical products. If you want to incorporate the images to items for resale and online print on demand products, you need to get an extended license. You might also want to add a product for resale license.
  • You will use the images on digital templates for retail. You need an extended license if you want to use the images on electronic templates for resale, such as brochures, websites, greeting cards and many more.

Have you decided which license to get for your creative projects? Whether you are getting a standard or enhanced license, you will surely benefit from the discounts you can get from iStock promo codes. iStock offers coupon codes through affiliated sites and the stock photo agency itself. Just make sure that you are getting them from trusted websites so you will get valid coupon codes. What are you waiting for? Get your iStock promo codes here