Where to Find Vector Icons for Website

In order to build a beautiful website, you don’t need to have the skills of an expert coder or graphic designer. There are many tools and resources online to help you create the website that will amaze your family, friends and customers. Your web design will be so beautiful that they will think you hired a professional.

One of the greatest resources to make your website more appealing is vector icons for website. Icons can bring tremendous value to your design and help communicate your main message by drawing your visitors’ eyes to the most important content. For instance:

  • An icon of map will help your customers quickly find your shop.
  • A telephone icon will make it easier for them to find your contact numbers.
  • A shopping cart icon will help them check out and process their orders more easily.

Vector icons for website are important because:

  1. They are recognizable. They allow new visitors to easily scan and absorb the content in your website.
  2. They look great! Visuals improve the overall design of your website and these vector icons make your pages look more visually appealing. They also help with the readability the same way that break line do.
  3. They are understood globally. Although you create a multilingual website, vector icons are also a great way to communicate main messages. They are understood by people around the world.

So, where can you find these lovely icons? Well, a number of website offer them. But if you are looking for high quality and high volume, we recommend IconTail. The website has over 4100 line and filled icons in its library, which is divided into 50 different categories. All icons come with a Friendly License, which allows you to use them in multiple projects – both commercial and personal. Starting at $69, you can download all icons in the website at specified formats.


Is Corbis Motion Gone?

Have you tried looking for Corbis Motion only to be directed to Getty Images? Do not be alarmed! This is not
a glitch in the system. Significant and popular stock footages in Corbis Motion were migrated to GI for the past couple of months. Now, you have a more comprehensive and diverse library to explore. Corbis Motion closed its doors in May 2, 2016, but the migration was completed in the summer.

What does this mean? Is Corbis Motion gone? The answer to the second question is no. Corbis Motion is not gone. It is simply available in a different library. This means you will have access to more stunning content, coupled with global services and expert insights at Getty Images. To find what you are looking for, simply enter the keyword Corbis to the footage search bar and you will find:

  • A total of 68 stock footages from Corbis Motion
  • 1 Editorial video
  • 67 Creative films

Videos from popular media sites can also be found at Getty Images. They include contributions from BBC Motion, National Geography, Bloomberg and Disney.

In addition to Corbis footage, you can also access and download videos from Getty’s collection. There are premium 4K videos, editorial films, and featured collections to help you find what you are looking for. You can also browse more collections from other media sites or popular categories in the stock site.

Once you find the Corbis Motion videos you are looking for, you can easily buy them. You can get a Royalty-Free license or Rights-Managed license with them, too. Purchase the RF footage a la carte or on demand with Ultrapacks to save hundreds of dollars. If you need exclusive rights, RM is the best option for your purchase.

So, is Corbis Motion really gone? No, the videos were just transferred to a new home. Getty Images has been in the industry for two decades and has the largest stock collection at the present. If you are looking for quality and variety, you will find them here.



Sign Up and Get Discounts with a Shutterstock Coupon

Shutterstock creates the largest and most vibrant marketplace for creative professionals. It offers stunning content at straightforward prices, as well as innovative tools to power the creative process. Expanding its portfolio to include Bigstock, the stock media agency now has over 100 million royalty-free stock images, videos, and music. Over 800,000 new stock assets are added weekly too, increasing its already stacked collection.


With millions of pieces of amazing content, many great stories start with Shutterstock. Creative professionals can explore professional photos. Thousands of high quality images are upload daily, increasing your chances of finding that perfect image for your project. There are HD and 4K clips, too. You can even purchase exclusive content to make you stand apart from your competitors. Hand-picked music are waiting to be discovered as well. Plus, they are not available anywhere else.

Shutterstock also feature other media content such as icons, vectors and illustrations. Whatever project you have, you will surely find practical and universal icons to use. You can also get creative with the stock media site’s beautiful vectors. Moreover, you don’t have to be afraid when editing vectors. You can take control with your edits so as not to lose their quality. If you’re looking for stunning content for your creative projects, this is the stock site for you!

Shutterstock Coupon


Shutterstock already offers amazing pieces of content for a straightforward price, but did you know you can still further your savings? All you need is a Shutterstock coupon. Currently, the stock media site offers affordable and flexible plans that include a Standard license. You can also opt for Enhanced License plan if you have greater creative needs. A Shutterstock coupon provides a cut on original prices of credit packs or subscriptions.

Where can you get a Shutterstock coupon? Well, there are two legit sources. You can get it from the stock site itself or from its affiliate websites. By getting codes from these two, you can be sure that you will be using valid and active coupons only. They don’t require anything in exchange too. Getting a coupon from them is definitely a win-win for you. If you already have a Shutterstock account, be sure to get a coupon and redeem it for your next purchase.

Not sure if Shutterstock is the stock media agency for you? Try the stock site for free. You can create a free browse account to check out their collection. If you find the content that will fit your creative projects perfectly, you can choose among the stock media site’s affordable plans and apply a Shutterstock coupon when you check out for more savings. What are you waiting for? Sign up and get discounts with a Shutterstock coupon now!

Dollar Photo Club and Their Best Ranking Categories

Dollar Photo Club and Their Best Ranking Categories

dollar-photo-club-screenshotThe Dollar Photo Club, which will be closed soon, is a dedicated stock agency that exclusively offers high quality images for creative professionals. It is curated by the largest stock photo marketplace in the world – Fotolia. The stock site provides unique access to over 25 million images that are organized in various categories. Members of the website can enjoy unlimited downloads stock images for just $1 each. Join today and get straightforward access to the very best images.

Here are the website’s best ranking categories:

  • Landscapes
    The Dollar Photo Club recommends some of its best-selling royalty-free photos from the category. Images of meadows, beaches and cities top the category. If you are looking for beautiful sceneries, this is the page for you. Enhance your message and blog site by making your viewers see and feel what it’s like to visit places with amazing landscapes.
  • Architecture
    Another top category is Architecture, where you can get inspiration from beautiful designs and plans of building and constructions. The photo of the Golden Gate Bridge is eye candy. Show your viewers places they only read about by incorporating images of the best structural designs around the world.
  • People
    From the people category, you can see generic to unique images of people including their interaction with other people, things and animals. You will find images of men, women, children and adults in various moods and movements. Feel free to choose whichever fits you creative needs. Some of the best images capture the precious moments of weddings, graduations, friendship and family.
  • Fauna and Flora
    If your blog or website’s theme is about plants and animals, this is the category for you. You can download beautiful images of flowers, dogs, trees, birds and other living creatures. The section is filled with colors of nature that will surely spice up your design.
  • Objects
    This category gives you unique access to images of objects found in different environments, such as home, office, outdoor and many more. Some of the best-selling images include things used in Science, Technology and Sports.
  • Transportation
    This is easily everyone’s favorite. In this category, you will find images of different forms of transportation. Take your readers to places with images of cars, airplanes and trains. You can also take them to explore the universe with images of rockets. From vintage to modern and simple to complicated, different images of transportation can take your design from dull to fun.

dpc logoOther top categories include food & drink, sports & leisure, backgrounds & texture, and abstract. You can check out each of them to find the stock images that fit your creative needs. From the category section, click the image you like and download with your preferred license. The best thing about the category section is you can filter your results to latest uploads, relevance, popularity, undiscovered images, and most downloads.    

Shutterstock Promotion: 15 Percent Discount on All Subscriptions!

All over the Web, we find people who are trying to get us to open our wallets and purchase their products. Some people go to great lengths just trying to figure out the psychological secret of getting people to buy products.

They do this because we’re trying to save money. Well, I have news for you. We always hear how money is tight. I have even more news for you. That’s not going to change anytime soon. But you already knew that.


As a marketer on a budget, you no doubt have used stock photos in several of your marketing campaigns because you have seen the value that they can provide.

Stock Photo Secrets: the Secret behind the Promotion

Here’s something that you probably didn’t know. Stock Photo Secrets has been in constant communication with Shutterstock and has successfully negotiated a 15 percent discount on all stock photo subscriptions for our readers!

The Exclusive Shutterstock Page


Shutterstock is set up in a special, exclusive page for the readers of Stock Photo Secrets. On top of that they have also given Stock Photo Secrets an exclusive code to redeem for a 15 percent discount on any one of their subscription packages.

All you need to do is take this link and head over to Stock Photo Secrets for a simple step-by-step guide on how to redeem your coupon. Once you’re there, you may notice that we have other Shutterstock coupons all set up for you from Stock Photo Secrets. You’ll also notice that this 15 percent coupon is exclusively for Stock Photo Secrets.

Optimize the Efficiency of Your Creative Projects

Shutterstock offers both high-quality premium content and high-quality free content. If you really want to stand out in your marketing efforts, avoid the free images. Everybody goes for those. And if everybody does it, then you won’t stand out. Instead, you blend in. That’s not the goal of any marketer. If you really wanted to optimize the efficiency of your creative projects, then you can rest easy with the peace of mind that the Shutterstock library has 47 million expertly curated images for your marketing and creative endeavors.

Harnessing the Power of Shutterstock


Shutterstock has several different packages to choose from. No matter what your budget might be, Shutterstock has a package that you’ll find right for you. It is more costly to purchase a single photo than it is to purchase a subscription. Once you purchase your subscription, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re saving hundreds of dollars – and you’ll know where to turn for all of your image needs.

Stocksy’s Approach to Curated Quality

stocksyStocksy takes a different approach than your average, run-of-the-mill stock photo agency. You see, if you wanted to become a photographer, you might be stuck wondering who would buy your photos. With the advent of the Internet, it became clear that stock photo agencies were more than willing – and still are – to buy up as many of these photos as they could. Most of them offer a competitive compensation plan. If you take good pictures, and people buy your photo from the stock agency, you would get a commission. The law of averages says the more photos you submit, the higher chance of you actually deriving an income based off that commission alone. The more agencies you sign up with merely increase your chance of stock photo customers choosing your work. It’s easy, right?

Not so fast, says I. Stocksy’s approach to curated quality is different. You have to pass certain prerequisites to be considered as a photographer for Stocksy. Stocksy has a smaller library organized into special themes. When you browse through their library, you’ll be impressed with the quality of their photos. All of a sudden, Stocksy’s discriminatory policy makes sense. Discriminatory, in this case, merely means that they will not take photos from just anybody. Each photo in their library can be many times more expensive than some your cheaper options like Photospin or DepositPhotos. What you get in return, however, is a photo that looks like it was taken in an expensive photo shoot.

stocksy-homepageThat’s the other thing about stock photos. Too many artists – when you say the phrase, “stock photos,” they cringe. Many people see stock photos as a cheap alternative for people who are unwilling to pay a fair wage to aspiring photographers. To an extent, they have a point. Professional photo shoots can be very expensive. Stocksy’s photo library isn’t quite as expensive as a professional photo shoot. They are more expensive than your average stock photo, but then again, they only choose the best photos.

When you select a picture from Stocksy’s photo library, you’re choosing a photo that looks like it came from a professional photo shoot – without the expensive photo shoot prices. It’s an aspiring goal – to make your work look like you spent the money on an expensive photo shoot. It’s one thing to say a particular photo is unique. It’s a whole other thing to say that their entire library is unique among stock photo agencies. Their curated approach sets them apart from the rest. Click here for Stocksy review from StockPhotoSecrets

“Curated by Stocksy:” A Different Browsing Experience

stocksy-stock-photo-agency-homepageA good look at the Stocksy website will tell you that you’re in for a different browsing experience. Stocksy is certainly not the cheapest stock photo service, check Stocksy Review from www.StockPhotoSecrets.com, but they are arguably one of the best and well worth the money. Many stock photo services may get away with paying photographers pennies for their photos, but not Stocksy. Stocksy takes a different approach.

Stocksy has a unique photo collection. There is a certain artistic flair that is captured beautifully on the front page. It has a very indie feel to it – a very artisan feel. They can accomplish this because they are a “co-op” company. They stem from the stock photo industry as veterans who wanted to create something different. The freedom to be selective in both their artists and their photos is evident in their collection.

stocksy-logoThe reason they are little more expensive than other stock photo agencies is because they are proud to be able to offer fair pay to the artists and photographers that contribute to their collection. They offer up to 50 percent of the initial royalty fee and up to 75 percent of extended licenses. This is money that goes into both the owners and contributors pockets at the end of the year.

The word curated is another word for saying organized. Stocksy United likes to use that word because of the way they organize their photos. They’re not interested in quantity. Instead, they’re interested in quality. That’s a rare trait among stock photo agencies in this modern era where people think more is better.

They do organize their images into galleries. These images are often related and called sister “images.” You can browse through the photos and tell that many the photos were taken mere moments apart. Many images feature unique cultures. Stocksy excels in these kinds of images from around the world.

We find the word curated again in one of their frequently asked questions. The question states, “Why do Stocksy images look so darn good?” The answer is simple. They are selective in both the photographs and their artists. There is no application that says you’re instantly in the club. Instead, you may apply as a contributor, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll make it past the gate. They have to handpick you and invite you to be a contributing artist to the Stocksy team. That is what they mean by curate. To sustain their image, they must be selective and discriminatory and only allow a certain brand of artist on the worldwide team.

Finding the Cheapest Stock Photo Agencies

When it comes to stock photos, users always look at the price per image or the subscription rates. That is why they always look for the cheapest stock photo site in the market. Some have actual budget constraints, while most simply want to spend on more important things such as marketing. They use these images to enhance their reputation through remarkable bran representation.

Of course, images from cheap stock images are not of inferior quality to expensive ones. In fact, they are roughly the same. Finding the cheapest stock photo agencies takes time and research. A lot of websites promise very cheap stock images but not all of them live up to their promises. Some fail with the quantity, while others flop with the quality. Thus, you should never invest with any website that offers either than. Select a photo site that offers both.

To spare you the trouble of finding the cheapest stock photo websites, we took the pleasure to enumerate them for your own convenience. These websites feature both great quality and quantity images. Here is a list of very affordable stock image sites and their features to give you an insight of what they offer and how much they cost. We hope that this will help you find the right image source for your creative needs.

1) Photospin


With Photospin, you can get images for as low as $0.01. Yes, that’s right! That’s the cheapest price you can get for high quality images, illustrations and graphics. Photospin has over 2.5 million images in its library. It may not be as much as other websites, but it offers them for the cheapest price. Besides, that much of a library is still large enough to fill your needs.

2) Depositphotos


Depositphotos is one of the most popular stock image banks in the market. It offers high quality images for as low as $0.10 per piece. It even offers a free trial for 7 days to newly registered users, allowing them to download 35 free stock images or 5 images per day for 7 days. It also offers subscription plans, where you can save more. This stock photo site is surely worth checking out.

3) Dreamstime


Dreamstime offers its stock images for $0.20. Like other stock photo websites, it also offers a free photo gallery upon registration. The website offers their royalty-free images for very flexible prices. You are conveniently directed to the image section where you can download images for as low as $0.20 with your very own payment option.

There are many stock photo agencies out there that also offer cheap stock photos. There is Shutterstock, iStock and the newest addition by Adobe: Adobe Stock. If you are looking for the cheapest stock image site, these are worth checking out!

Why If You’re Not Buying Cheap Stock Photo Images, You’re Paying

different colored paper bags on white background

Let’s face it: if you are a business owner with a  web presence, you are probably buying images.  Everyone is doing it.  Even if you don’t have any content on the internet, you should be paying for the images you use in things like mailing pamphlets, internal training materials, and more.  If you want to stay 100% within the parameters of the law, you should really be paying a licensing fee for ANY image you use in a commercial setting. Which, for almost every kind of business these days, is a lot of pictures.


So what can you do to minimize costs when buying images are concerned?  What’s the cheapest, best option for your company.  Simpler than you might think: cheap stock photo images.

Not Using Cheap Stock Photo Images?  Anything Else is Too Expensive.

When you need photos and images for your business, where do you turn?  If you want something specific, do you pay a contracted photographer?  Do you have a favorite artist that you pay to make all of your images?  Do you license directly from photographers for all of your photo needs?

Chances are, if you are pursuing any of those options to get images for your business, you are happy with quality but feeling hit hard in the pocket book.  That’s because you know, deep down, that you are paying too much for the images you are using.  And downloading cheap stock photo images is a lot cheaper than any of the options we mentioned above.

With a cheap stock photo site, you could pay literally pennies for some of the best photos on the internet.  With bundle services, you can get thousands and thousands of photos per year to meet all of your business needs.  Or find a credit or on demand service that lets you only buy the few images you need when you meet them.  Or better yet, check out our $99 dollar package deal for the best of both worlds.

How are Cheapo Stock Photo Images so Cheap?

If you’ve just started looking into the world of cheap stock photos, you are probably stricken by just how inexpensive they can be.  But don’t worry: this low price tag doesn’t mean low quality, and even the most budget friendly cheap stock photo images can be amazing pieces of art.  In fact, most cheap stock photo image vendors hand pick their images by hand, and only choose to work with photographers with proven records of producing top level content.

So how do cheap stock photo image sites sell art so cheap?  The secret is in the licensing, as cheap stock photo sites essentially sell you a use license while retaining the rights to resell the image to others.  This means that technically another company could be using the same stock photo as you, but whether or not you are the only person using a cheap stock photo image, you definitely paid a lot less for the legal rights to do so than you would have in any other situation.

Don’t think that just because stock photos can be cheap, they aren’t good quality.  Instead, cheap stock photo image vendors are able to offer high quality products so cheap due to working in bulk, not skimping on quality and art.

Wait a Minute.  Aren’t Online Photos Free?

Yes and no.  Yes, you can do a google search and find a lot of “free images” online.  Yes, you can probably find beautiful works of art on the blogs of photographers, or on a public domain site like Flickr.  But no, those images aren’t free to use by your business.

In order to use an image for commercial use, you need licensed rights to do so, and you can’t get those rights from a google image search.  If you aren’t paying for cheap stock photo images, you may be saving a few bucks today.  But in the long run, you expose yourself to huge legal fees and potential damages claims, as the people who own the image licenses you aren’t paying for come calling for their due compensation.  Which is another prime reason why cheap stock photo images save you money: in the long run, paying the cheap licensing fee is a lot more economical than fighting in court.

The Bottom Line:

Whether you are paying an artist directly for the rights to use their images, or hiring your own photographer to capture all of the photos you need, you are paying too much for high quality imagery.  And if you don’t pay for your images at all, you open yourself up to legal trouble.  Of course photographers and artists are great people, but you are running a business.  And when your bottom dollar counts, utilizing cheap stock photo images is the most economical choice there is.

Photocase Review – Little Known Ways to Buy Creative Stock Photos

Photocase, a German-based site that collects creative stock photos, made available by a dedicated community, began in 2001. This allowed people to buy authentic cheap stock photos from people who were invested in finding and sharing creative stock photos. In this Photocase review, you will learn about how to find and buy authentic stock photos and what separates Photocase from the competition.

The Basics of Photocase

photocase logoOver a decade of users uploading to and downloading images from this site has led to a modest but dedicated base of users who regularly find themselves in need of stock images. While noted in any number of Photocase review postings and articles, the collection isn’t as expansive as those offered by more corporate-focused stock image hosts which can turn some away. I found the StockPhotoSecrets review on of the best, but wanted to have my own one here. But the structure here is so unique that those who frequently use stock images may find themselves unable to turn to another site once working with this one.

Standards by which images are selected differ greatly from rival sites. The art of photography is very much a focus in Photocase and the focus of potential commercialization–matching images to any number of industries’ standards.

Uploaders, when their images are accepted, are given credits towards downloads of other images available. Income can also be earned by the download from other users, but this occurs when these downloads are not bought on the currency of credited awarded to contributors. So while the earning potential may be low with co many contributors being the same to download from other users, there is still a wealth of artistic imagery to be used. And this collection may only be on the rise, as the number of contributors remains small, these same people are dedicated to collecting and sharing unique images in this small community.

Features of Photocase.com

The focus of images collected here is on the unique and what could be deemed artistic in nature. These aren’t necessarily the same kind of photos found on the cover of major magazines but will appeal to photographers, graphic designers, and photo enthusiasts alike.

Purchasing of images can come from credits earned through community interaction, debit, credit, and various methods of PayPal invoices. While the offerings may be appealing, and the community of contributors intimate, the offset is in the pricing of images. Users may find themselves paying more for the image here than they have at rival sites. Some single images can range from €10 to €20, and that’s not considering factors like size and whether or not images come packaged with others, which can up the price as high as €70.

For many, the use of credits will be more appealing than paying the exorbitant rates, thus ensuring a self-sustaining library of images to be used and shared amongst the community. Contributors can earn 40% to 60% of their contributed images, and even in credits this can lead to purchasing power rather quickly.

The issue of licensing is a big one with those who use stock images. It almost never seems clear as to when and where an image can be used without stepping on the toes of the original distributor of the image. But here users will find detailed guides on how licensing works, highlighting how images can be used and in which markets they can be accepted, along with where and how to credit the author of the image and how to purchase exclusivity to an image making a credit unneeded. They will have options to royalty-free licensing, requiring only a sourcing credit for limited runs up to 250,000 prints. There are also extended licenses that give the purchaser rights for unlimited prints and the rights to reuse images in reprints.

Conclusion of this Photocase Review

Determining the quality of the site relies heavily against the user who intends to use it and their needs of stock images. for those with an international audience they are trying to reach with a marketable appeal to rival that of fashion magazines and sites, a different site may be more to their liking. For the artistically inclined who want to capture people’s attention with stand-out images or brand with uniqueness, they’ll find a home here.