“Curated by Stocksy:” A Different Browsing Experience

A good look at the Stocksy website will tell you that you’re in for a different browsing experience. Stocksy is certainly not the cheapest stock photo service, check Stocksy Review from www.StockPhotoSecrets.com, but they are arguably one of the best and well worth the money. Many stock photo services may get away with paying photographers pennies for their photos, but not Stocksy. Stocksy takes a different approach. Stocksy has a unique photo collection. There is a certain artistic flair that is captured beautifully on the front page. It has a very indie feel to it – a very artisan feel. They can accomplish this because they are a “co-op” company. They stem from the stock photo industry as veterans who wanted to create something different. The freedom to be selective in both their artists and their photos is evident in their collection. The reason they are little more expensive than other stock photo agencies is because they are proud to be able to offer fair pay to the artists and photographers that contribute to their collection. They offer up to 50 percent of the initial royalty fee and up to 75 percent of extended licenses. This is money that goes into both the owners and contributors pockets at the end of the year. The word curated is another word for saying organized. Stocksy United likes to use that word because of the way they organize their photos. They’re not interested in quantity. Instead, they’re interested in quality. That’s a rare trait among stock photo agencies in this modern era where people think more is better. They do organize their images into galleries. These images are often related and called sister “images.” You can browse through the photos and tell that many the photos were taken mere moments apart. Many images feature unique cultures. Stocksy excels in these kinds of images from around the world. We find the word curated again in one of their frequently asked questions. The question states, “Why do Stocksy images look so darn good?” The answer is simple. They are selective in both the photographs and their artists. There is no application that says you’re instantly in the club. Instead, you may apply as a contributor, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll make it past the gate. They have to handpick you and invite you to be a contributing artist to the Stocksy team. That is what they mean by curate. To sustain their image, they must be selective and discriminatory and only allow a certain brand of artist on the worldwide team.

Finding the Cheapest Stock Photo Agencies

When it comes to stock photos, users always look at the price per image or the subscription rates. That is why they always look for the cheapest stock photo site in the market. Some have actual budget constraints, while most simply want to spend on more important things such as marketing. They use these images to enhance their reputation through remarkable bran representation. Of course, images from cheap stock images are not of inferior quality to expensive ones. In fact, they are roughly the same. Finding the cheapest stock photo agencies takes time and research. A lot of websites promise very cheap stock images but not all of them live up to their promises. Some fail with the quantity, while others flop with the quality. Thus, you should never invest with any website that offers either than. Select a photo site that offers both. To spare you the trouble of finding the cheapest stock photo websites, we took the pleasure to enumerate them for your own convenience. These websites feature both great quality and quantity images. Here is a list of very affordable stock image sites and their features to give you an insight of what they offer and how much they cost. We hope that this will help you find the right image source for your creative needs. 1) Photospin With Photospin, you can get images for as low as $0.01. Yes, that’s right! That’s the cheapest price you can get for high quality images, illustrations and graphics. Photospin has over 2.5 million images in its library. It may not be as much as other websites, but it offers them for the cheapest price. Besides, that much of a library is still large enough to fill your needs. 2) Depositphotos Depositphotos is one of the most popular stock image banks in the market. It offers high quality images for as low as $0.10 per piece. It even offers a free trial for 7 days to newly registered users, allowing them to download 35 free stock images or 5 images per day for 7 days. It also offers subscription plans, where you can save more. This stock photo site is surely worth checking out. 3) Dreamstime Dreamstime offers its stock images for $0.20. Like other stock photo websites, it also offers a free photo gallery upon registration. The website offers their royalty-free images for very flexible prices. You are conveniently directed to the image section where you can download images for as low as $0.20 with your very own payment option. There are many stock photo agencies out there that also offer cheap stock photos. There is Shutterstock, iStock and the newest addition by Adobe: Adobe Stock. If you are looking for the cheapest stock image site, these are worth checking out!